I Am Not Yours to Keep

You stiff my breath

Make my throat go numb

I can’t say a word

And you want me say a lot


Why do you have such cruel inflictions on me?

Is my soul not enough for you to keep

The love I had, the joy I had

You take it with you

And that you want more

You want I do things for you


You say to everyone

I am a Botcelli angel for her

But there is no demon greater than the one you keep


I am scared, you will take away my life

I am scared, you will take away my vibes

I am scared, you will take every part of me

And then you leave me in my flesh and bones

That too you now keep?


Tell me I am not yours to keep

Tell me that for sure

I have holes in my chest

Don’t make false promises anymore


When will you leave me ,

When will you leave me alone?

I am not yours to keep

You know that way more

I was your stick and your wall

But I am just not that, that’s not all of me

I need some freedom

I yearn ecstasy


I have a soul to be washed

Remember you made it black?

And then nobody came near me

Since you killed me in a whack


I have secrets in my closet

And you set my words on fire

They don’t matter to you

They just remained there

Nothing more than dust


My life was yours, my mind was yours

I was a slave you never showed openly

Since my secret was hidden

In the collar of your satin sleeve


And then, in the lonely rooms

Your sweet words turned to stone

Your face was so sly

Your walk was so dead

Even spirits bended over

And listened where you went


Now, please leave my feet

That you have latched to your destiny


I am not a part of you

Not yours to keep

Not yours to keep

Not yours to keep

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