I Am Not A Number

In the doctors office, they record my weight, height, and vision. 

They take meaningless numbers of my blood pressure and glucose. 

At home they count how many chores I didn't do, what time it was that I didn't go to sleep.

All these are to tell me that I am not average, I am different, I am not what I am supposed to be. 

In School they teach thirty different beings to learn the same thing, the same way, at the same level. 

They judge me on the number out of the best that I got on a test. 

They give me an identification number which replaces my name. 

They give me percentages to say that I am below average, that I am different, that I am not what i am supposed tobe. 

They judge me on numbers that they can see, but mean nothing to them. 

I am not my weight, or my lack of height. I am not my vital signs, my helpfulness at home or my sleeping habits. 

I am not my GPA or my score on the SAT, I have a name that isn't a series of digits to identify me. 

I am not just one number in a system of endless digits, endless people that are the same. 

I am not the self esteem that they destroyed by saying that I am inadequate.

They tell me to change the world. 

But how can I if they only believe that I am a means of making politicians money, of destroying the education system that was never meant to work. 

How can I learn when they are not teaching me, but teaching those who grasp while leaving everyone else behind.

How can I reform when my voice is lost in the system,

How can I be me, when I am just a number.





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