I am me


United States
40° 43' 15.078" N, 84° 22' 30.8388" W
United States
40° 43' 15.078" N, 84° 22' 30.8388" W

I am me

I refuse to hide behind a curtain,

A mask, a wall, anything,

It's just not right.

I strive to show myself 

In everything I do,

When people see me,

They see me they way I am.

At work, at home, at school,

It doesn't matter, I'm still me

Always smliling, no matter the circumstance.

Jumping, laughing, cracking jokes.

The most i'll bring up is some 

Good ol' fashioned profesionalism,

As there's a time to be serious

And a time not to be.

But I still wish to have my personality shine through.

Remove the curtain and be myself,

No matter how hard that may be.

I don't  fake my attitude to make

A good impression.

You like me as I am,


If you don't like me for whatever reason,

I truly hope we can sort it through,

But I refuse to hide myself,

change myself, or otherwise drown out myself

For the sake of others.

For I am me.

No one else.

I will not pretend to be

Anyone else.



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