I am... me?


United States

A little girl

broken, alone

Finally has a home

Love never helped her,

She was all alone

lost, now found

poems fill her soul

stories fill her heart

Life's tumbleweed of doubt can't touch her now

Shes grown up

that little girl

She made a plan and got herself out

poverty made her will grow

struggles made her heart gold

music filled her soul

she soars now

Her words, written in red

her old self now dead

shes gone to make a stand

make a difference is all her heart says

she wants to save life's, like hers, one day

Will of iron guides her on her way

bones of steal keep her strong

her past made her this

it made her strong

her past made her iron will

now she can be free

Happy is she

for now she can make others, you see.

words of the great of the past fill her thoughts

she writes and writes and writes

study hard, day and night,

when all she wants to do is write.

People dont, wont, ever understand

but the sad little girl grew up to be grand

She'll stand tall and be proud

for her old self is dead

and for who she is now

she is glad.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community



Great poem, great to read, keep writing!

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