I am Girl


I am Female.

I am Girl.

I am Woman.

I am large hips,

I am tiny waist,

I am large chest,

I am stereotype.

I am pretty face,



I am beauty.


Why, because


don't think

I have problems,

can I not speak out?

Why does my body,

Why do my choices,

"take away from

the overall message

of feminism!?"


Does my interest in makeup,

my temporary art,

make me less of

a "real Woman?"

am I fake?

Do you think

I spend time in the mornings

for anyone

but myself?


Do you think I feel

any different from you,

big or small as you may be,

also Woman,

when the Men,

at least 8 years older,

call at me,

like an animal?

Hearing what they'd

like to do to me,

that they want to

get me behind closed doors.

I am not interested.

Do you think I enjoy,

live to be objectified,

live to be afraid

of other people?

Just people!

just like me!

but they are Man.

They are different.


I want the same

that you want.


do not 

tell me that 

my feminine shape

is because

of my skin color.

do not

tell me my struggle

is a "black thing"

I am woman.

I am not less feminine,

any stronger,




because of the

pigment of

my skin.

do not

tell me 

it isn't

a feminine problem.

do not

tell me

I am taking away

from the point.

do not

dismiss me,

or tell me it isn't real,

because you don't 

understand it,

or because it does not

happen to you.


We are all Woman.

We all wish for


when walking home

from the store

that night

on that empty road.

We are all Woman,

when we bleed, 

and don't know why,

or we thought

we were too young.

We are all Woman

when the guy

you don't like

puts his 

hands on you,

and you say no


he keeps going anyway,

And you hurt because

no one has ever touched

you there, not even yourself.


We are all Woman

when we fall in love,

but our minds

are too strong,

and our tongues 

too sharp

to be the object of his


and you try to change,

but you can't,

and he leaves you,

and you're broken.

We are all Woman,

when your dad

doesn't know how

to handle his

little girl 

growing up

so he pushes her


We are all Woman

when you dress modest,

you show nothing,

but they boys still

try to look up your

ankle-length skirt

as you walk.


we are all Woman.

we all struggle,

And I am scared.

I am Girl.




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