I Am A Chameleon

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 15:36 -- EAnders

I am a chameleon

The colorful pariah

Blending in so perfectly

To painted walls behind us

Oh, how can I know myself?

When I'm never the same

No anchor set no place my home

Of business and whimsy

A writer's mind is not at ease

Ten-thousand souls within

Behest to tell their tales

My patience wearing thin

Believe me when I say

There's too much on my mind

Too much to describe

With all too little time

Speak my mind, I've always tried

Too many thoughts come up

For me to find a place to stand

When I empathize with all

How can I find myself?

When my face looks just like yours

All the same, but you can't see me

Maybe I'm meant to be alone

I am a chameleon

I've learned to blend in

Absorbing what I can

To learn how to live






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