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Twinkle, twinkle little Star How we wonder what you are... All of Rainbow's colors, stolen, by the Chameleon. Camoflauged shades and undertones
I look away, But the lost girl inside is telling me to speak up.   I mumble an answer But the lost girl inside is telling me to yell.   I walk with my head down,
Flex my fingers                 crimson, chartreuse, jet, slate, vermillion
I thought chameleons were beautiful. But where is the respect in changing on every whim, capricious, for those who won't have us as we truly are? I thought chameleons were beautiful,
I am a chameleon The colorful pariah Blending in so perfectly To painted walls behind us Oh, how can I know myself? When I'm never the same No anchor set no place my home Of business and whimsy
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