I am Ageless Without You

Moirai spun me, with you,

Sewn ourselves together to fate,

We lusted for our destiny.


Melted hours

folded together with ceaseless love.

We caused the rotating earth to fall

lazy still.

We rolled with the waves and slept on the shore.


Moirai joined us in ephemeral time.

The Fates hold scissors, rugged, asperous

Destiny fell to the side

Jagged and rough

Seams undid.

Cut from one another.


Fallen earth close by, let me wallow in this moment,

Let me sleep on your side

I will sway with your current, melt into you.

Keep me coiled.


I still have not detangled our mess.  

I now lie lazily on the shore, wind whipping, hair a mess

Lost and trapped.

Waiting for fingers to pull runaway strands back into its place.

Moirai please re-ravel me.


I am ageless without you.

Broken from my Fate’s thread.

And therefore have no beginning or end

At all moments, I am

youthful 20,  stark 50,  curious 6.

I live between decades, eons and time

Lifted alongside the wings of love, an old bird to say the least

Hops from one heart to another, Love, you old bird,

Love, you perpetuate, enduring, eternal

Love, you made me ageless,




Love, you made me lost.

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