I Am From....

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 00:40 -- Clara



I am from lipstick, lipgloss, and lipstain,

From Revlon and Covergirl, and from many other lip products.

I am from the bubblegum pink walls of my bedroom,

The heater that lined two walls of my room

(I had to put a plastic gate between it          and my bed,

So it wouldn’t singe the covers)

I am from the pool in my house,

Always clear, always cool, a perfect enjoyment.

I am from the hibiscus bush,

With sweet smelling, brightly colored flowers,

And the iced tree,

Which gleamed liked jewels under the rich morning sunlight.

I am from open presents in my pajamas on Christmas day and spending the whole day playing with them.

I am from determination.

I am from southern bluntness

 And careful manners,

From the Clifton’s and the James’.

I am from a relationship with the Lord,

And the fire he put in my soul.

I am from Tulsa and the Clifton gals,

From pumpkin, pecan, and rhubarb pie.

I am from both the land of forever summer and the place of extreme seasons.

I am from a land of detailed fantasies that I create; from which I’ve many times drawn inspiration.

I am from my journal, where I’ve written a few book passages whose messages resonate strongly with me,

Where I’ve written and entry or two about a book I liked,

Or any time I was feeling emotionally pungent,

And above all, where I’ve written my special songs to the Lord,

Lest I forget them and the beautiful words disappear forever.

My journal isn’t just a notebook: it’s a spiritual journal where I record the instances of where He has shown me that special light.


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