Hyperventilate Over my Heart


Whenever the days are bleak and dappled

And the nights, sullen and vague,

The world will halt for a blunt second.

Between that moment

And when the stars align,

Humor me.


Hyperventilate over my heart!

And tell them how you loved me!

Tell them how enticing 

my roseate heart was.

And that you marvel how!

You'll evolve each morning.


Hyperventilate over my heart

And suppress all anxiety and fear.

Don't ever enable them to cognize

What's killing you inside.


Hyperventilate over my heart

But don't dole out being unfit

To prohibit the current circumstances.

It was all my doing

And none of yours.


Hyperventilate over my heart

And as eternity flowers,

Now and forever,

Will I stray from your sanity?


Hyperventilate over my heart.

The twilights

When you desire to end it all,

Are the twilights you'll commemorate.


Hyperventilate over my heart

And develop

For when your hourglass 

Begins to run dry.

All that's cast aside

Is a teardrop to memorialize you.


Hyperventilate over my heart

But confess to me,

When it's all said and done,

Where will you run?


Hyperventilate over my heart

And never forget

That I am emptied and I linger

By the large, golden gate

Longing for you to join my heart.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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