How to Train your Poetry

When I want to feel good, I watch How to Train your Dragon.

It is about a viking named Hiccup.

He is shunned for being unorthodox and careless,

but he befriends a viking's enemy; a dragon he names Toothless.

Together they rode into battle and defeated the Red Death.

Unfortunately, Hiccup lost a leg,

but he showed everyone that Dragons aren't bad. Now they are pets.

The movie makes me feel good because Hiccup, in the end,

became a hero and all he had to do was be himself. 

He gained a bud, pals, and even a girlfriend.

Now he and Toothless are the man.

How to Train your Dragon gives me fulfillment

because Hiccup showed me that it's cool to be different.

Plus it has dragons, what more could you want?

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