How do I feel about us


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You ask me how do I feel about us?

Well let me tell you...

It seems as though time ffreezes when I'm with you .

Although time is what we fight against.

I feel like intimacy begins to grow stronger,

That our relationship has reached a new level.

I feel like our bodies have learned a new language,

Just look at how they communicate.

I love the conversations we have,

I feel like I can talk to you constantly nonstop.

I feel like when we talk it seems as though we share the same mind.

Every minute we spend time together we find that we are even more similar than we thought.

I feel like your touch causes such a sweet sensation,

Which would cause so many strong temptations.

I feel like I barely can go a day without you.

It's just now that you've entered my life I've gotten that wonderful taste of life,

You're like the main special ingredient of a dish.

Without you it is just plain, and dull.

Without you it would be more of just a sample taste, than never getting that wonderful mouth watering taste ever again.

Which is why I never want to loose you or even let your presence fade a bit.

Something this special should never be wasted.

So now that you know how special you are.

As well as I know how special I am.

This relationship I have with you is something I definately plan to keep... how I feel about us.

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