How Did I Get Here?


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How Did I Get Here?

Sometimes I wonder who I'm supposed to be
What is the image that God created for me?
You say, "Everything happens for a reason"
What good can come out of all this teasin'?
I hate feeling like shit
When all I wanna do is curl up in a ball and sit
I just sit in the corner with tear stains in my eyes
And I look back on all of the people who have died
I look up and ask, "How did I get here? I'm not who I once was"
I'm crippled by the fear of waking up without a buzz
I haven't found any coping skills except for alcohol and drugs
And I'm hopelessly stuck in this hole that I've dug
I keep on moving from treatment to treatment
Wondering where the next place is that I'll be sent
I look back on all of the people who I've hurt
And I can't help to feel like I'm more worthless than dirt
I can't believe all the times I told a lie
It makes me want to scream and cry
Sometimes I wonder if everyone would be better off if I were dead
And I lay there thinking with it stuck in my head
Why do I feel like this?
What did I do to deserve feeling like this?
I got bullied at school by kids who were "cool"
And then I came home and got bullied by my mom
I start to believe that the things people say to me are true
And I really have no idea what I'm supposed to do
I  want to get better and I know I gotta try
But sometimes I'd rather give up and die
You say you love me and I say prove it
Cause I have no support and I don't believe it
The scars on my arm, they each have a story
And when I look at my past, I start to feel sorry
I miss being home in my warm bed
So I try to have hope and not give up like I said
I know people love me and I love them too
That is why I'm gonna do all I can do


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