How could you?

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 21:45 -- Maemi


It's been 6 years; but I still remember the day

Where all my trust in you was lost; "My Father", the role you were supposed to play

Overjoyed, I finally had a dad at age seven

But why did you do that? When I was only eleven

I still remember that night; what was meant to be a quiet and peaceful dream

You came into my room and did those things; I was so teriffied and wanted to scream

Everything had finished, you returned to my mother's side; slowly entered your room

While I stayed in my bed, and stared at the mirror; laying there in full sadness and gloom

A whole year passed by; suddenly you said, "Hey let's go on a trip! Just us three!"

That was it, enough with the fake laughs; I stood up and said "How could you do that to me?!"

You looked surprised and glanced at my mother; right there and then, I told the full explanation

I ran outside, minutes passed by; my mom came out and told me, "It was just your imagination!'

Time stopped, in my eyes, it began to rain; as a blackness filled my heart

This man, my mother, and the trust that we shared; I could slowly feel it falling apart

Years later, I am now seventeen; still at home, with the same mother and father

Living in pain, living in fear, and without trust; "Is this for the best?" I begin to wonder. . .


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