How Cinderella Was Saved

Sat, 08/19/2017 - 14:19 -- mbotros

In a world of darkness lived a girl lonely and depressed. Suicidal? Yes. 

She nevver wanted to be. Everyone she knew blamed her. For Everything.

Their problems. Them losing things. Being Late. It had nothing to do with her.

Should she worry about their thoughts? No. Does she? Yes. She wants to recover.

She doesn't have the strength. Her strength is gone. Wasted on all the tears she shed.

Her tears are as precious as gold, yet she gives them away for free.

She needs someone. Noone's there for her. Should she be distressed?

No. But she is. Her insecurities bring her down everyday. Do they push people away?

She wants to know the answer. Someone help her, she's suicidal.

Her acts are so fun and pure, but her thoughts are so painful and dark.

She wants to stop, but noone's there to help. She wants to talk with those he left her.

Should she? She doesn't believe so. They pushed her out, she thought.

Never talk to them again, she said. Yet, all she does is think about them.

The memories are they dead? Are they gone? They're faded in her head.

Her deepest fear now into action. She's all alone in a foreign world.

Noone to guide her. Noone to help. Cuts and scars fill her body.

It'll end the pain she thought. It'll hurt more on the outside than the inside.

It's worth the pain. Her suffering will end soon. 

As she lies in the bathroom cutting deep into her skin, her family doesn't care.

Her friends there's none. Without a person by her side she believed her suffering will end.

But there was a light. It wasn't her time. She made friends with the mice nearby.

She held on a little longer. And one day her fairy Godmother appeared. 

She told her not to worry. She told her everything will get better.

So when the day of the town ball came her dress was ruined, and she couldn't go.

She doubted the fairy Godmother, and said she lied. At that moment the fairy appears.

Cinderella stands up and starts yelling. While yelling she didn't notice the change.

She became a new person, but the spell will be broken at midnight. 

While running away from the ball at 11:59 she lost a slipper on purpose.

With the slipper the Godmother had placed her address and a painting of Cinderella.

He went to the house and said the lie written on a note found in the slipper. 

He knew she was there, but he knew about her family as well.

He knew they were evil, and hated Cinderella.

Eventually, Cinderella was helped by her animal friends.

The prince didn't want to leave until he found the person he had danced with.

He found Cinderella, and he took her away from her family.

She told him everything from how her father was poisoned to how she tried to kill herself.

He told everything was now okay, and he would help her.

Two weeks later Cinderella became healthy, and forgot all about her suicide thoughts.

And they lived Happily Ever After. The End.


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