How Can I Love You?


United Kingdom

How can I love you when I don’t know who you are? 


When you hid your true colours from me like a tenebrous habit.  


Each day, I lay my soul out to you like a meal;

Sprawling in your presence,   

Waiting for you to devour me like the Angel of Death...but you just watch. 


With each helpless second, you observe me embarrassing myself,

Not with humor and not with spite,   

Not with an essence of your heightened might,


You watch me because you don’t know what else to do.  

And I've realized that I've tried to do this all wrong. 

I came into this partnership with the ambition of helping you, fixing you and upgrading you. 

But instead you hurt me, broke me and downgraded my dignity. 

And now I'm tired; tired of this association. 

All I wanted was a friend...or maybe more. 

But instead I became a target of your outrage;

I have had enough! 

I thought I could fix you, but maybe I can’t,

Maybe I'm not supposed to-   


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