' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’; depression ; sadness ; loneliness ; love ; teen ;

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My heart feels full but so do my eyes. Tears lost over what could’ve been. Nothing between us but sheets of paper. Notebooks filled with nightmares past and daydreams present. And yet his is the sheet I don’t want to rip out. 
This isnt your average love poem i dont want to compare your eyes to the stars or the moon  i want to compare them to the eyes of a killer ready to strike at my weakest moment
I know in a moment of weakness I failed you  I can't rewrite the past Only move on I write here today not to mop but rather to reminisce 
I didn’t think that it would hurt this bad. And I think that it’s worse because I didn’t see it coming. In the end, it’s always there. Waiting.. Watching..
Toxic are the surrounding breathable air  The days go by and the pain becomes difficult to bare Reruns of anguish and my heart in despair The world does a good job convincing me nobody cares  
Rose   She was a rose Full of desire. With her vibrant pedals And eyes filled with fire.   Everyone wanted her
As the tears fell down my cheek, it ruined my make up No worries the blood from my fresh cuts will act as lipstick After all, boys like the color red.. right?
I love you like a sunshines ray, Gentle and warm you caress my face. Even though I want you to stay,
We always say that we’ll never end up like those monsters Those monsters that abused us  That lied to us That manipulated us Stabbed us in the back
I feel a puppet with many masters I want to be free, to feel something real To be wanted and desired Loved for more than the physical To be deeply and madly in love
How can I love you when I don’t know who you are? 
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