Honey and Tea

Honey and tea can taste so sweet
When you're hiding the cuts
That they'll never see

And my head is falling apart...
I showed signs from the start...

But i internalized
and spoke the lies
That they'll never hear
And they'll never care

Cause it all hides underneath,
My honey and tea taste sweet

I'm screaming inside
"This bodies not mine,
it's a prison that traps my thoughts inside"
And "I was born this way, not okay,"
But don't you see i can't say these thing?

Cause my head is falling apart...
I showed signs from the start..

But my insecurities
Lead me to believe
That they'll never listen
Or help anything.

So it all hides underneath
This honey and tea that's sweet.

But that's not me,
That honey and tea
It's just a mask
So you won't see

The hurt that lives underneath,
The stuff I can't let you see

So drink this tea with honey
for me, And don't ever believe
That this body is made for me.

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This is very well written and touched my heart. I understand and your not alone. 

The way you portraied your emotions was amazing. I hope your still writing. <3

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