They’re right,

I’m not ready for you. 

I need the constant 

Of a mother’s coo. 

The unusual choice

Takes real courage to choose,

And when I did

I didn’t know what I was getting into. 


I need you,

I just can’t go on

Constructing both walls

And hideouts alone. 


I know they say,

You can reach through time,

Though there’s nothing like

Family time 

I’m doing my best here,

But I need you now,

As I’m trying to decipher

What’s right for me now. 


I know I can’t go home,

So I want you here, 

Though I know it’s not real. 

I really do fear,

That it’ll be too long

For me to bare

Even though I know

I should love it here. 


I know 

I’m not ready for you,

And security,

I need you,

I’m not ready for a new. 

My family, 

I value you 

More than ever right now.

I know this is hard

But I’ll get through it somehow. 


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