The insults he spits at me stab my chest

It feels almost as good as when he  grabs my breast  so, I egg him on

It isn’t long until his hands are around my arms, my eyes wide and my breath caught

I search in his black, dark eyes for a soul

My quest is abandoned when he suddenly kisses me

I quickly pull my face away

I dared for another insult, though it sounded like I was begging

He degrades me as he feels me

His hands are selfish and his words unforgiving until the monster in him slowly sizzles out

I lay down and he positions himself on top of me, and I look into a different man

His black eyes become brown

He tells me it’s gonna be okay

That he cares about me

He rides me as I stare at the ceiling

Never feeling so alive and so dead at the same time

Soon he reaches his climax and I’m left on the ground

I lay there feel worthless and used

Tears fall from my eyes and my lips curve up in a smile

My heart swells and drops

My body aches for his numb yet explosive touch

His worthless yet torturous words

The way he hurts me feels too good



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