For Him


How do you live with yourself?

How can you sit there and pretend nothing happened?

Don’t you realize?

Can’t you see what my life has become because of you?

Because I let you in,

Thinking I’d be safe,

Don’t you see?

I love you,

I tried so hard,

To give you the life you had,

I gave up so much,

Trying to give back what was taken from you,

Trying to piece together the spirit,

That they smashed,

Why did you have to make it so hard to get up,

But so easy to fall in love?

I feel like this ride is coming to an end,

Like I’m about to hit the ground,

Where you promised you’d be waiting,

But when I look down,

You’re not there,

You’re not anywhere,

And it so funny how someone so far away,

Could impact me so much,

How all you had to do was smile,

And I automatically agreed to jump,

I would rather die than let you make me feel this way,

But I have a feeling that even in death,

My heart will still beat for you,

And I won’t give you the satisfaction.




This is so heartfelt, thank you for sharing something so personel.  

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