High School Reality Check

I look into the mirror, and what do I see?

No longer a Freshman looking back at me.

Now my Senior year has come to an end,

and I move forward, missing a friend.

She greeted me at my locker every single day,

“Make your day beautiful,” she would simply say.

I barely knew her, but her smile was contagious,

and the way she died was sad and outrageous.

Guess you never really know what is truly going on;

Guess you never really know when someone feels they don’t belong.

When you have different classes and just pass in the halls,

you may spy a quick smile, but not be aware of downfalls.

This student had a mom, a dad, and a brother,

this student was an individual, there can not be another.

She may have been a little different, but they tell us to be accepting,

but, alas, this poor young girl was teased and neglected.

I hear the bullying started her freshman year,

she at first ignored it, is what I did hear.

But as her years went by, the taunting got rougher,

and maintaining her sanity must have got tougher.

I knew her as a nice student, though I didn’t know her well.

I wish I knew more then, as she passed through her daily hell.

I look back now, still wondering what I could have done.

Could anyone stop this cycle – could I have been the one?

A week before graduation, they found her dead with a note,

bullying was the cause, bullying is no joke.

I look in the mirror, and who do I see?

A young lady now graduating, that person is me.

I will always remember, the one who did not make it to this day,

I will promise to be kind to everyone, and will speak up and say,

“Nobody is better than anyone and you do not have the right-

to drive someone to madness to take their own life.

If you see someone alone, take a minute to care,

for you may make a difference, please be aware.

Your words and your actions affect those around you,

and you never really know what someone else is going through.”

So, you look in the mirror, and I hope that you see,

a matured, concerned, grown-up person – a Senior, like me.





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