As the cool wind blew briskly through the barren forest a single head of fire bounced down the snow blanketed, overgrown trail that almost everyone has since forgotten about. Except for this one little, adventurous girl, she is the only one that knows where the path leads to. It takes the little 7 year old to her hideaway, a little cave where she keeps her treasures that she finds along the path or anywhere else. But as the seasons passed and she grew up and the visits to her precious cave grew less and less frequent. Finally, stopping after the now 18 year old went away, far, far away. Many years passed with the now overgrown, ivy covered cave still been untouched, even the old trail has not had a single foot laid upon it in all this time. Until, one day when the little girl returned, but now a mother she brought her own daughter to pass on her hideaway to her.

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Our world


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