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These Days I Have To Say... That When It Comes To Wordplay... That I Now Put To Page....
MAN I Can Feel The CRACKS ... !!! As My Body ... LACKS ... The Youth It Once Had ... !!! When I Could Withstand Exercise Programmes .... That Worked All The Muscles That Slowly DO Crumble ... !!!
Old age showed up one day Smiling, the curves of her lips held softer edges, Her hands were delicately lined, An ancient wire system, Still alive, The woven fabric of steel grey
It was ages ago But my mind recollects these memories once more I can still hear the laughter from it's wooden door The dancing footsteps on the floor And my father's voice cloaked in a snore
She grows up She's not the same as she was first born she grew bigger than I had imagined She's more taller and has a beautiful stance whenever she aligns her feet underneath the doorway of my room
  Life's Clock By: Katelyn DeShane   Tick-tock the hands turn round and round. When you're young
Dear Child,   I want you to come into the world And I don’t mind if you cry For it means that you can breathe It means you won’t die   I will hug you to slumber
As the cool wind blew briskly through the barren forest a single head of fire bounced down t
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