Hidden behind a broken mirror


All alone in a dark room
Glazing, yet staring
It's just me, myself and I
Trying everything in my right mind not to cry
I promise myself I would get through
It's just hard to smile through a terrible mood
Yet no one would understand my story
Because I cover it up so good
A lot of people get things misunderstood
Just because I was smiling a minute ago,
Dosen't mean I've been hurting inside too
It be the happiest people on earth
That be so miserable
And we don't understand why
Because they have everything you ever dreamed of
But still be unsatisfied
Yet it's sad
But it's true
When you look in the mirror
What do you see
Or is the mirror to broken to look through
Because everytime you bounce back up
Someone's judging you
I've hidden in the crowd for so long,
That now it seems like I've been overlook
I'm afraid of taking a step forward because
I've always been back
Too focused on what others think
That I forgot to just stay happy and do me
Because people are waiting to see me Fail
So I gotta keep pressing
Because I gotta realize theirs someone out there watching
I've always been afraid
Defeated and shy
My self esteem was always beating up my pride
Peer pressure seem to rise
And for a moment I GOD have left my side
I wanted to exceed
Show everyone the bigger me
Then my mom was told me " Soar high, set aside your fear because your bigger then the problems , your wiser and much smarter."
I took her words and captured them
It took some time
But I overcame my fears
I just had to believe I could do as all things
confidence got me where I needed to be
I was soaring like a eagle


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