Hi Mommy,Bye Mommy


A poem by: L.R.Joslin


Hi mommy
I know I'm
Not born yet
But I love you 
Already, I love
Yours and daddy's
Voices. I hope to
See you soon.

Hi mommy
How come I haven't 
Heard daddy's voice?
And mommy why are
You crying? I
Dont like it when
You cry. It makes
Me sad. Mommy
Where is daddy?

Hi mommy,
I feel weird when you
Drink your drinks
Mommy my back hurts.
I can't feel it mommy.
why do you still 
cry Even after you drink?

Hi mommy,
I feel weak, why aren't
You eating? Mommy
You know I'm in here...right?
do you drink and cry
Because you miss daddy?

Hi mommy,
What are you eating?
Its hurting me mommy!
Why are you eating it 
Through your nose?
Mommy this hurts so bad!

Hi mommy,
I was going to be your
Little girl,but, I dont 
Feel good. Mommy I stopped
Growing. And mommy I just wanted
To say...,I love you,
And I forgive you mommy.
No matter what. I have
To go now, I'll be
With daddy.
Bye mommy.


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Jan Wienen

Beautiful message ...


I'm glad you think so. thank you


I was just going through the site and came across this. Thanks for sharing this work with us and I hope you continue to write. As a new dad this is tough to read. 


Hello George, im glad this touched you in a way that you feel connected. believe it or not i made this in 7th grade,and im now 16. i hope you enjoy the life you help give to this planet.


Great poem, honest. You give voice to the unborn.


thank you @upnorthdavid. also thank you for reading.

Art Is Power

Thank you 💔 this a beautiful 


No, thank you for reading this. There are millions of poems and other genres on this website and you decided to read this one.

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