Hey Lover

Some women just don't appreciate what they have
You are the epitome of what a woman needs
I mean there are many woman that say they don't need a man
Clearly they just haven't met the right guy
I bet once they meet someone like you (mmmmm)
Somebody like you is what I dream of
Your Ora is smooth and sleek 
Your lips look so succulent and juicy 
I can't help but to think nasty when I see them 
You are so headstrong and smart
Being the dominant in a relationship would definitely be your role
My soul yearns for you
This is more than a crush
I will cry when I won't be able to see you
Not seeing someone for a long time causes people to forget them
So I want something to remember you by 
A simple kiss could do the trick
However I know that's not possible because you got a girl 
So I guess this poem will have to do
A simple reminder that I'm in love with you!


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