Tue, 07/30/2013 - 09:39 -- sraviig

You’ve left me alone again, crying for what seems like forever. 
I’m surprised I haven’t run out of tears yet cause thats all I do all day long.
Cry over you.. when you seem like you don’t even care.
I’m not ready to move on and i don’t think I ever will.. I love you too much and it hurts so badly. 
You know I love you like crazy and miss you!
Why can’t you just come back to me? 
Why can’t we just be in love again? 
Sometimes i feel like I can’t deal with this pain it hurts too much.. 
how far do I have to go before you realize that you care about me and that you actually love me? 
I don't know  what I'll do if you forget about me. 
I just want you here.
I wanna be in your arms so i can feel safe and loved again. 
I don’t even feel like doing anything anymore .. i just need you here with me.


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