here come darkness, here comes the light of education


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I can't do this too much pressure
My family don't need me they don't have enough confidence in me
No matter where I go it's always the same
Quite school it ain't taking me no where
School is boring I don't need this
But then wait do I have a job that kept me miserable for the rest of my life that because I didn't I dropout of high school
Why didn't I study for test and classes I need to take. That's right I remember now
Friends, family, teacher, boyfriend and anyone else who I thought will support me
That Is a lie those people don't care about me they actually want me to fail
Friends want me to be like them
Be like a pathetic loser they know I'll make it
But than I choose my friends over education that sad
Teachers never give me a chance to succeed they don't have time for me
Family arguing over the same stuff in your head saying that "your useless," " what the points of going to school you need to support the family. Beside school isn't taking you nowhere." That's not true education is the key to succeed not many families realize that. It can take you anywhere in the world to achieve your dreams
Boyfriend be like I'll take care of you all gotta is dropout and leave school for good wrong move quitting for love is not the right answer if he really cares about me he should wait for you until you graduate from high school. But instead they just want to use you for sex that it. That all man care about is sex not education
Leave everyone behind don't let anyone put you down when they are doing the wrong thing you got to say "No"!!
No to friends who put you into the same path as they are
No to teachers who don't gave you hope
No to family who don't support in anyway
No to boyfriends who tried to control you be independent don't be someone who can be easily control show those people what you are capable of doing let them put you down
Don't let them destroy your education
Don't make them put you down to the ground
You belong to the light where their is hope for yourself and education can come together if you have the light of hope

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