Here and Now,

Fri, 09/02/2016 - 22:45 -- dogma

I don't want to stop you

Please enjoy your time here

Just know you are affecting me

We are taking from eachother, in the time we have spent together.

I believe my past is unnecessary to you and for you to truly know me.

We don't have that time anymore. 

I only have you in this moment and I want you to experience the purest current with me

Hopefully we can continue onwards for a little while longer

Forever isn't in my vocabulary

and "future" is still foreign on my tongue

Maybe, just for right now, that's okay

I wouldn't really want a forever with this me, anyhow

I couldn't imagine you would either. 

Yet, please know I am looking for growth. 

Not necessarily for you, or for us, but for me

I don't like looking at the horizon. 

I want to look at the here and now, 

More importantly, I want to look at myself. 

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