Her Song



This song goes out to you girl.

You know who you are.

All I can think about is you girl.

You’ll always have a place in my heart.

You showed me the light when I was surrounded by darkness.

An you showed me love, when I thought the world was heartless.

Never thought what we had would be departed.

My feelings for you were off the charts.

I felt like we had intertwined hearts.

An now that you’re gone, my world has turned dark.

I still find myself staring up at the stars.

That was our thing, and it doesn’t feel right without you.

You and I were stuck together like glue.

All I wanted was to be surrounded by you.

Really the only person in this world who knew what I was going through.

I still dream about the places we said we would travel to.

I think this message has been long overdue.

Damn girl… If you only knew.



I’ll never stop chasing my dreams girl; sometimes I see your face in them.

So let me be condemned for letting you go.

You weren’t just my girl; you were my best friend though...

You helped me rise to my plateau.

I just want you to know,

That without you my life doesn’t seem right.

I think us ending, was just a typo in my life.

For you and your family, will share the glory

You took me in when I had nowhere to go.

This isn’t just some love story, this is my life story.

So let the real feelings show.

Before I’m six feet below

It wasn’t so long ago,

That I had you in my arms

But I guess I didn’t know how to play my cards

There’s a story behind every scar

And with that being said,

I’m still staring up at the stars,

Wondering where you are.

Make a wish with every shooting star

Yeah… I still do.



Girl, that wish is you.

I don’t want memories to be the only thing I have to hold onto…

I miss you, and I wish I could share the view.

But it seems our love has fallen through.

Damn, this feels like déjà vu.

I lost you not once but twice.

I can’t break away from you.

It was my mistake, so I know I have to pay the price.

That’s why I’ll be alone tonight.

Your beauty so bright, shining like the northern lights.

I wish for one night, we could reunite.

Or maybe just relive one of those nights.

Even though I know that not possible,

Because you’re happy now.

But in the end, that’s all I really care about.

I was born to stand out,

So let these words be heard.

You’re the reason my heart burns and it aches.

I’ll do whatever it takes, to mend my mistakes.

I’m laying in bed wide awake, picturing your face.

Wishing that you were at my place.

That’s why I dedicate,

This song to you girl…

You know who you are.




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