Her Scent

Whenever I get close, I must throw chains on my body for the good qualities of my person conflict. While I am a gentleman at heart, I can be a strong lover as well. Whenever I get close, my hormones begin to rage; it longs for her touch and rush to obtain her touch it wants.


When I see this church girl, this feeling of pride takes over. Her appearance is stunning. Her face is always smiling, her hair is not to short and not to long, her body is beautiful not limiting it to just physical features. She is overall beautiful, but what takes me over is her scent. This reaction is familiar, the way I react to a woman's scent.


Her Scent is intoxicating, it surrounds me, it wraps its arms around me. Her scent is fluid like water in a pool, I fall in and it seals me up. I stand at the bottom, calm and art peace. My body becomes heavy and completely relaxed. Mouth open the water enters my body and I begin to lose control and yet I enjoy the intoxicating feeling that takes over.


Her presence brings me happiness, a feeling that no ordinary woman could give. This feeling is one that only my lady can give and I hope that she will be my lady.



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