For Her

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 04:03 -- K-Love

Look at the small tangible

Person in your arms.

So unique. So different.

Soften as she warms.

Yet her heart cold as ice

Thunders as it storms.

Never to break the habbit

Of causing herself harm.

There she lay, limp

Motionless in your arms.

Looking on her right wrist

All you see is charms.

Dare you look at her left?

Your screams would cause alarms.

Her face goes a sickening pale

Her soul no longer in your arms.


Breaking down, no longer breathing

You start your screaching. 

Her head falls back.

Your hands are reaching.

In the end the preacher

Starts his preaching.

Yet the Pain. The pain is too strong.

Too strong for their teaching.


All you remember of her

What you thought was light

It was only your eyes 

That saw that sight

She was truly, deeply

As dark as night

Her suicide note stating

"Better if gone in flight"

Wrting a note of your own, it states "Ill join you tonight

for seeing you again would be such a delight."


Now you think, if only it were that simple. If that could be the end, and all pain would cease. No. Never.

It never ends the way it should. 


Before it is meant, the note is found a top a pile.

Family, and friends read it

They find it very vile. 

They would hate to see your bloodied corpes lying on that tile.

Now you're in this place

Screaming in denile.

NO! Why! No! Why her? 

You cry your sorrowful question. 

As you look around your white rooms walls, you start shaking

Your body breaks, it falls.

You're still here, while she is gone. 

But at least I get to say. Stop! Look at me. Listen. 

Face this. You still have this life.

Now live it for Her.


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