They say smiles fix everything,
And I’d like to agree.
But that’s hard to do,
When my smiles kill me.

Looking down at myself,
I feel hatred, disgust.
Looking in to myself,
I don’t know what to trust.

Little red scars
Cover my arm and leg.
From my own dark interior,
My limitless plague.

I don’t know what to do.
I wish I could stop.
It’s like heroin or coke,
That highs all that I’ve got.

I try to be happy,
But something feels blocked.
Something closed the door,
And I can’t get it unlocked.

It’s hard to believe
I used to be so carefree
As I think of the scars
In and outside of me.

Someone please help me,
Someone please hear my song.
Left with my own thoughts,
I won’t stay very long.


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