The girl who seduces everyone

that's who I was trying to be

I ended up with troubles

because the boys came easy, almost in doubles

But it wasn't me they wanted

Only what I flaunted

And when they went away

as easy as the came

My heart couldn't take it

because the whole time I had faked it


I know I'm fun but I don't dance on tables

Don't ask for a one night thing, I'm just not able

I wear my glasses so I can see

and I hope someone someday comes along

Who likes me enough to slide them off

just to look into my eyes

Because they want to see a little deeper

than my outside features

Watching Lord of the Rings for the seventh time

I'd like that kind of person by my side


I don't wear makeup often and my hair's not always right

but if you didn't care about that It'd be really nice

 I walk barefoot in the grass cause' I don't like the sidewalk

I'd love it if you walked the long way just so we could talk

I'm not shy or simple minded, just a special kind of person

often I find myself alone and feeling a little deserted

I'll reach out once or twice but I'm not going to shout

If you don't do the same for me it's myself I start to doubt

So when you see me all alone it's not because I like it

It's because I want you to break the quiet

I know I'm perfectly capable

but if nobody sees me alone at that table

who's going to care enough to say

anything at all and I'll just want you to stay


Now I'm sort of rambling so I'll bring this to an end

I'm only doing me now and I'm not going to pretend

Look again around the room, the first time you must have missed me

I've probably already noticed you and I'm playing in my head

What I'll say if by chance you came up and said







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