Healing is my inspiration

Let me take you back to the moment the most important person who inspires me first entered this world eighteen years ago on a late Monday night. She grazed the country of Liberia that was then war-ridden with a magnificent afro, a big smile, and tiny brown eyes that saw that broken country to be the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She was surrounded by so much hatred when all she would pour out was love. This girl fought battles that others in this world do daily and many have lost this battle. But she saw it as a growing opportunity than something that would knock her down... don't get me wrong, those moments of uncertainty and doubts it did bring her down, but only for a little while because in those moments that she was broken and bruised she smiled. She smiled a smile so big that it became unbreakable.. but only for a little while. She continued to smile when so many people would enter her life and she would love them unconditionally but they would leave without saying goodbye. But that was ok because at least she had them in her life if only it was for a little while. And when one of the most important people in her life left forever this is what tore her smile apart because it broke her and she felt so lost in this world. She used that brokenness and pain to learn from it and heal. She's still healing, but healing is a process that never stops because there are going be days in her life that she thinks she has healed from that loss and the wound will open up again but that's ok. And that is where I am right now healing, healing from all the traumas in my life and I think that I am inspiring myself every day and healing is a very inspiring place to be. 

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