He Who Shall Not Be Revealed


I am not who you think I am

Sam I am,

Act as though you have it all together “they say”

Be Together and Do Your Best “teacher says”

You can be anything “they say”

Live to you full potential “sister says”

I know you can do better “mother says”

Don’t make my mistakes “father says”

All the SAYS swirling in my mind.


The pressure builds

I continue not to be what I want to be.

The life of Timothy Green is all I NEED

To live and bring happiness

even though I am to DIE.

The curtain shall never be moved

Because giving happiness in this world

Is only repaid with evil.

The Curtain, The Curtain

Trust and Believe The Curtain

Will Never Move!

Because I am HE who is behind the curtain!!!



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