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It always seemed dark and cold whenever she thought about it,
How was she supposed to live her life now, he was all she had?
As she left the church where her father's funeral was held,
she promised herself that she would never forget the last words that her father whispered before he died.
Years went by but the thought still seemed to penetrate her mind.
Day after day, night after night the pain became even more unbearable,
it was too much for her shattered spirit.
The energy she used to force the thoughts out of her head was nothing compared to the strength they had when they came to possess her mind and pierce her heart.
It soon became hard for her to think,
as hard as she tried, she could not focus on anything anymore;
the tragedy affected her so much to the point where she began to hate who she was and had become.
Everyone who she was once disgusted by, now became her closest friends,
her very best friend turned out to be the bottle of liquor.
Her body could not keep up with all the brutal toxins that were destroying her daily and she could not understand why she continued to abuse herself without a cause.
One day she decided that she would overdose on the drugs,
in her mind death was more peaceful than being on earth where there is pain and suffering.
After every pill she took was a mouthful of alcohol ready to send it down uncomfortably.
She got down to her fourth pill and just as she picked it up,
she froze.
A sudden migraine came over her,
the pain was so excruciating that sticking a knife in her chest didn’t seem like a difficult thing to do.
The migraine lasted five whole minutes when a loud thundering voice took its place,
“YOU ARE MINE; I NEVER LEFT YOU” the voice echoed.
She could see words being written on the tile where she stood but she still could not come to her senses.
She immediately dropped the bottle of alcohol and she began to feel an overwhelming sum of emotions that put her into a sorrowful state of mind.
She felt so ashamed.
After finally being able to stem the streaming tears from falling from her eyes she wiped her drenched cheekbones,
Her eyes took a second to focus as she glanced at the writing on the tile.
She was astonished at what she read,
“For I know the plans I have for you,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give hope and a future.”
Suddenly, she remembered her promise and how her father read the same scripture from his old bible to uplift her as she cried by his side before he died.

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