When it takes courage for you to stand,

and proclaim your name,

and you have to pray,

that your voice,

doesn't break,

or taper off,

or fall on deaf ears.

When you hear your voice in your own ears,

but it doesn't sound like it's yours,

you've learned not to speak,

so you don't have to hear.

When your breathing constricts and constrains,

with every move you make, you break,

but you're flat, 

and you pass,

it'll be fine.

When the mirror you stare into looks like a funhouse one,

a funhouse one without the fun,

all you see are those curves,

the ones you cry over at night.

When you question your validity in everything you do. 

When you question what the people say, and what they keep in their heads. 

When you hold yourself at night and pray to the God you don't believe in.

When you pray that you'll wake up in the right body.

Remember your name, it can never be taken from you,

you've worked for it to be recognized.

Remember that one day, you'll ramble for hours,

your voice will sound like yours.

Remember, you'll wake up and feel your body,

it'll feel right,

you can breathe now.

You can look in the mirror and admire the person you've become.

You're a son. You're a brother. You're you. 

You can stand with your head held high,

you can stand your ground.


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