The Hawk

Thu, 06/18/2015 - 16:59 -- lah728

You're a twig holding up a nest but the nest is that of a hawk

A beautiful creature, the hawk, but those birds are the ones that eat your cats and shit on your windshield when you're not in your car.

You're that string that keeps the cave of the seemingly majestic creature hanging on

You keep it from extinction, you keep it from hitting the earth below but what's wrong with that? Can't an all-powerful creature crash, the same creature that eats your cats and shits on your windshield?

The same creature that is admired for its good eyesight is also the one that watches your every move, judging, guilty, anxiety-provoking

The same creature that flawlessly soars through the air is also the one that swooshes through your brain and brings back the "lost" memories, feelings

The same creature that is coated with alluring feathers is coated with oppression and shame yet you still hang on, you still stay strong for the bird, the plague, because all you see is the beauty and attention but you don't see the hospital stays and the tears behind the locked door so give up, let go, because this is not sexy it's suicide and this does not show strength it shows pain.


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