Have You Ever

Have you ever tried
To hold back from crying
Just to show other that you
Aren't as weak as they say?
Secretly as you cry
You wish you weren't, but its
Just so overwhelming.

Have you ever had the need
To prove to other that your
Worth living.
So you ca at least have
A little self worth.

Have you ever loved someone
So much, but they didn't feel
The same, and all you want to
Do is try to make it work no
Matter what.

Have you ever wondered what
Dream were? and why it hurts so
Much when your told constantly your
Dreams would never come true.

Have you ever wanted to be loved
So you can finally step out of the dark
And into light and never have a single worry.

Have you ever had a broken
Heart? broken hopes? broken spirit?
Where living isn't worth the pain you feel.
Where tears has a perminant
Streak upon your face?
Where your loneliness continues
To cling to your every movement.


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