Haunting Past

I sit up online
Trying to forget my past
The old memory of mine
It breaks me fast

The thoughts make me hate
Myself and who I've become
I know it all was fate
But remembering how dumb,
I was makes me sick
I wish I never dreamed
To the point I was ticked

At my life and the world
For not being my fantasy
I lost it and curled
Up into a ball you see
My dreams and wishes
Will never come true
My hopes are washed like dishes
I should just stay blue

Become an adult
Give up on dreams
Everyone else has joined that colt
Where the light doesn't beem

But if I loose who will follow?
I will die alone with nothing
All my life will be hollow
No fun no games just a sting
Of pain where my heart should be
A dark hole in my chest
Crying myself to sleep
Knowing I never did my best...


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