Hate Drunk

I wish you could hear what you say when you’re high.
She’s not a stupid bitch and neither am I.
We’re tired,
You’re wired.
I’m sick of your anger and lies,
And it’s too late to apologize.
I love you, but I want you gone.
It’s been too hard and the pain lasts so long.
This isn’t how it’s supposed to be
You blew your last chance to get any love from me.
My head is reeling,
My ears are ringing,
The hate burns and it won’t be healing
It’ll last longer than a day or a week
I’m done being drawn in,
I’m no longer weak.
I can stand on my own with or without you.
You need to see the consequences of the things you do.
Your revelation can’t come at the cost of a life.
It’ll be too late.
You’ve already lost a daughter and a wife.


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