Hate is a good thing,

When it comes to bad things,

But hate is for the next generation.

When they look up to rap kings

Who promote bad things, gold bling, and diamond rings.


Hate bad things such as violence

And not just violence, but a silence that kills us most.

Go to church every sunday, catch the Holy Ghost,

Then back on the streets like it's a job,

Killing people that look just like you,

But protest people that kill or want to fight you

Expecting change from others 

But steady killing your brothers.


Hate, hate what's trending #killallmuslims

Hate the fact that someone's life is depending on what media says

Hate that as time progresses ignorance is a lesson 

To the next generation.

Terrorists, terrorists, what can we do?

Because they kill in "Islam" 

Ask yourself, is that COMPLETELY true?


Hate that when verses flow

The only thing you hear is n-words, B's, and Hoes

That Bitch is your best friend?

She looks like a GIRL to me,

Not an animal to go chase a stick.

Oh, that's right, she's your hoe,

You put HER face in the ground 'til YOUR green grass .


Hate the lack of respect for women.

The ones who brought you into this place

Just for you to blantently disrespenct them in their face.


Hate that saggin is a cool thing

Pull up your pants and pay attention in class

Because you might learn a new thing.


Hate that this society has no respect,

For ourselves, for each other, for our earth.

God set us on fire like a phoenix.

It's time for a rebirth.

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Our world
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