Has anyone ever told you...

That you're awesome. 

The way you always nap at 4:30 in the afternoon

the way you get really really happy about a full moon

the way you get cranky if you don't get to eat 

the way you always yell when someone touches your feet 

that's pretty awesome 

the fact that your a lil heavy

the fact that your hands are never steady 

the fact you don't take your medication 

the fact you compensate with meditation

thats pretty awesome 

The way you always sing bohemian rhapsody 

the way your styles just a tad bit shitty

the way you snort when you laugh

the way your really bad at math

thats pretty awesome 

its pretty simple what I'm trying to say

i just want you to realize today 

you're the reason that I love rain

because you taught me that it could wash away pain 

and thats pretty awesome. 


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