Some people's idea of happiness consist of tender moments with another.

Other's consist of a smokey room full of friends.

Other's, of piles of money and days full of laziness.

Yet other's consist of amazing amusement park rides and esquisite candy.

My idea of happiness is a little different.


My idea of happiness has images of demon cats and evil birds.

Mine consists of childish conversations about too much chapstick.

Staying up until midnight talking about being bad at video games.

Walking through a dark corn maze and scaring one another.

Making silly slow motion videos that make us sound like dinosaurs.

Dancing in the library because we want to.

Making me read cheesy books about romance.

Having random homicidal mood swings towards leaves.

Being given granola to keep my energy up because I pulled an all nighter.

Getting unsolicited advice on kissing.

Getting my camera stolen and having my roll filled with pictures.

Having you text our friends from my phone.

Making each other laugh when we've had a rough day.

Reading on the couch together.

Studying together before a test and making silly mistakes.

Making gremlin faces and growling.

Wearing our crush shirt together.

Sharing my emoji socks with you, because they are awesome!

Laughing hysterically together for no reason at all.

Even getting a cupcake shoved in my face.

I would trade the stars for just one more of any of these.

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