Happily Ever After... I think

What would happen to Cinderella if she never lost her father?

Once Upon A Time, there was a family of five. An evil stepmother, an oblivious husband, two wicked stepsisters, and a beautiful girl named Cinderella. While her father would be at work making a living for the family Cinderella was stuck doing chores while the stepsisters and stepmother were lazy human beings who did absolutely nothing but mock poor Cinderella. But luckily she had her friendly farm animals help her except for Lucifer the stepmother's cat. As soon as father came home Cinderella would be quickly whisked away and locked in her room so her father would never see the dirt and soot that was all over her clothes. One day father had to work late and there was a ball for the prince to find his future wife. Although the prince was not exactly "pumped" for the ball, he figured why not. Cinderella was devastated that she could not go to the ball with her sisters, even though she did all her chores. She raced up to her room and closed the door to cry. Then her fairy god mother appeared. She told Cinderella not to cry and that she will have in in the most beautiful gown in all of the land. Cinderella twirled and there it was. She left to the ball and about ten minutes later, her father came home. He was puzzled as to why there was no one in the house but being oblivious to absolutely everything he did not mind it. Cinderella showed up at the ball and people were in awe of her gorgeous gown... especially the prince. The prince danced with Cinderella for the entire night which made the stepsisters green with envy. The clock struck 12 o'clock and Cinderella rushed home before her sisters could figure out who she was. Cinderella's glass slipper fell off her shoe and was left on the velvet steps. The prince tried following after her trying to receive a name, but to his unsatisfaction, no name was given from Cinderella. The prince searched the land for the owner of the other slipper. The prince arrived at Cinderella's house, the stepmother opened the door and led the prince and his subjects in to try on the shoe. Cinderella has already been locked away. Cinderella's father hears Cinderella banging on the door and opens it for her. Still, her father has no idea what is going on and leaves the whole situation. Cinderella races down stairs and tries on the shoe. It's a perfect fit. Cinderella and the Prince get married at once!




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