Hanging by a Leaf.

Tue, 12/01/2015 - 20:13 -- SLK

October 27, 2015, 9:36 pm
like a loose leaf on a dried up tree, you looked at me like i was bound to flee. and you were right. because now when you look at me you see that i am cracked on the concrete, split into pieces that look like you could put them back together, but you can't. you can't because you won't use the right technique. i don't say that to be negative it's just that i wasn't shaped under just one shade tree. i've played this game before, i know how each time ends. so please step away because i've pulled myself back together before and i'll do it again if it means that i was the one who saved me. but now i'm tired. tired not because of the way others see me, tired not because of the way they'll act toward me, but tired because i don't think they have the ability to see. to see that just because i lean away from what's right, doesn't mean that i'll turn left. to see that just because i say one thing doesn't mean that it's what i meant. let me change my mind. let me alter what i think 10,000 times before i find what i want. but changing direction doesn't mean anything if you're always by yourself. just because i'm a leaf of three thorns doesn't mean that i'll hurt you. and know that when i say i'm open to options it doesn't mean that i'm a freak. it just so happens to be that i've realized that i'm not in control- that a higher power is projecting me. so i won't stay away from things that may scare me and i won't stray from adventurous creeks. just remember as you say that i don't make sense and that i'm just trying to be unique, that it shows the depths of your roots, rather than these.

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