guilty conscious


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you can sense someone is lying when........
they dont make eye contact
you can sense someone is cheating when.........
they change stories worst than politician scandals
you can sense someone is stealing when............
they hide things in their pockets
you can sense someone is phony when.........
they smile in your face and talk behind your back
you can sense someone is disingenuine when............
they are insincere about their true self
all and all god dont like ugly
if you do anything opposite of love, honesty, and sincere
know that the truth comes out
all the guilt will creep up like the demon going inside the soul of the little girl in exorcist

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This poem is definitely correct-if someone does something dishonest, the truth is bound to make itself known eventually- which is why it is just better to be honest in the first place.

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This poem really touched my heart its so honest and sincere. Great work !

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thnak you for the support

i'm being very genuine with what i have to say

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