Because I loved you

I thought she didn’t matter.

Her feelings weren’t real,

It was just you and me.

When you left me strained 

In an unfamiliar train station 

I was scared.

How could you have done that if you knew

I loved you?

Everyone asked me why I went back so many times,

I had no answer except it was 

Because I loved you. 

You brought me out of my comfort zone

You made me feel alive and adventurous

I loved the thrill of you.

We talked about everything

And nothing

And you made me happy.

When you consumed so much of my time and thoughts,

I was scared

But because I loved you,

I would have done anything.


The truth was

You didn’t love me and I know now.

I still feel alive and adventurous 

But now I can take care of myself.

I loved you but my eyes are open and I am not scared.

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